Watch Dogs – Multiplayer mode like you’ve never seen it

Here’s an 8 minutes gameplay preview of Watch Dogs, the new Ubisoft gem that we’ll be able to play from the 27th of may. It’s not about the next-gen graphics nor about the intriguing storyline, this is about multiplayer mode….

And we’re quite impressed with the possibilities of this Multiplayer mode as you play with or against other online players across platforms (console/pc vs mobile) and without ever leaving the single player mode.


International Dark Sky Week – Dark Cities

Dark Cities

As it turns out, April 20 to the 26 is International Dark Sky Week so, as a tribute to this event (and because we couldn’t think of anything cooler than this to share with you guys and gals), we would like to share these photographs of the night sky over big cities, taken by Thierry Cohen. Each photo depicts how the city’s night sky would look if all its lights were out.

So, without further due, we give you “sheer awesomeness”!

For additional information about how these photos were made, you can visit Thierry’s own website.

Gameplay Trailer – Dragon Age : Inquisition

The third chapter of the Dragon Age story will launch on the 7th of October 2014. I you haven’t player the first and second, we definitely recommend those games! The RPG battle-system is old school (inspired by Baldur’s gate) but once you get into it, so much better than the turn-based system.

Here’s a trailer that shows the new graphic engine and small bits of the story.