[Indie Game Review] Titan Souls

Titan Souls was born at Ludum Dare 28 (check out the link, some pretty cool indie games in there) with one imposed theme : You Only Get One. Its creators went a bit further to release this game which bets on its simplicity, visual aspect and difficulty.


So you start your adventure as this little hero made of a couple of pixels… no intro, no story. Your first steps act as a tutorial which is, just like the game, pretty simple : a button to run/roll, another one to shoot your arrow and… retrieve it. As this is the concept, you only get one arrow and you’ll have to get it back as soon as you’ve fired.

The game looks pretty good, Zelda-like if you will. As you finish that tutorial, a few doors stand in front of you and beyond them, bosses… Big bosses and tough. You’ll die, a lot, and you’ll have to find the weaknesses of each boss you face as one shot will be enough to kill them. See it as an action/puzzle game that focuses on the old concept “Die and Retry”.

Check out the video below to see how much I died before defeating the first boss.  

There’s definitely a hint of Shadow of the Colossus in  Titan Souls – minus the epic journey and graphics. But its the whole gameplay that does the difference and that you’ll love or hate.


If Pixel Art and tough repeating games are your thing, go for it. Otherwise, you’ll get bored after the first minutes.

Rating: 3.5