Unboxing Google Cardboard and a free game for you!

If the 90’s taught us anything, it’s probably that Virtual Reality is awesome. Remember The Lawnmower Man? In the last year, there’s been a lot of noise around the Occulus Rift (that we haven’t tried yet…), a Kickstarter project to build a new VR Headset which was bought by Facebook.

Google, at it’s I/O Conference – where they make all their mobile big announcements – launched Google Carboard. A VR Headset made of… well, yes, cardboard. It costs about 20$, you just need a pair of lenses and a magnet to make it work. Google actually gives you the design plan for you to make it at home.

So here’s a video of the one we received and we also have a game for you – you’ll need an android and the cardboard to play it.