[Game review] Dying Light

Another First Person  Shooter, another Zombie Game : Dying Light, Good Night, Good Luck. It feels like the gaming industry has a bit of trouble to come up with new gaming scenarios… Or they just sell too well and there’s no need to innovate.


So, a bit in spite of us, we’ve played and reviewed Dying Light and the first 15 minutes were pretty boring. This game is a mix between “insert Zombie FPS game’s name here” and Mirror’s Edge. Think PARKOUR!

You play as “random dude A”, or Kyle Crane, who is being sent into this city that has been overtaken by zombies…  You make contact with a bunch of survivors, who live in “The Tower” (yes… they live in a tall building) and you’re quickly sent on errands to learn the mechanics of the game. Not that complicated, you run a lot, you jump a lot… by day and by night. The difference being, by night you encounter some crazy angry and fast zombies that will kill you with a few hits.

The plot thickens as you realize you’ve been actually sent by some governmental agency to spy on them so, you, Crane, will have to interact with the good guys, in The Tower, and the bad guys, the badass survivors basically. Overall, the story is actually kinda week.

Having said all that, the game is actually enjoyable… The parkour part is pretty fun, dodging zombies and trying to kill some (not as easy as you would think) and I’m surprised to say that the RPG element adds a lot of challenge to the experience.


It’s a good game and you’ll probably enjoy it… specially these days when it feels the gaming landscape is pretty poor.

Rating: 3