Best Star Wars Fan Films ever made – 2nd post!

We continue with the best Star Wars Fan Films made, in no particular order! Our second entry is called “Star Wars Episode Dew: The Essence Of The Force” and it was created by a small production company, Kerby Brothers Production.

It features the brother of Darth Maul and won the “Best Action” award at the 2007 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Quality isn’t amazing, this is from 2001 after all.

Best Star Wars Fan Films ever made!

The Star Wars VII trailer got us all excited so we decided to track down the best star wars fan films ever made… We’ll be posting them bit by bit (you should be careful with your daily dose of star wars content!) and in no particular order.

Today, we give you the unfortunate adventures of Darth Vader’s younger brother, Chad, in his fruitless efforts to manage a grocery store. Here is the first episode of “Chad Vader : Day Shift Manager”. This is a full on web series so, if you like it, there’s even more for you to enjoy.